What Could be Causing Your Hip Pain?

Pinpointing Your Pain Determining the cause of your hip pain can be quite the mystery; one which Dr. Peter Ameglio is determined to solve at Ameglio Orthopedics. When you have gone through multiple treatments and are facing surgery, you’ll need to be sure that the...

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Overcoming Hip Pain with SuperPATH

Seeking Help for Hip Pain When Bob Zekanoski began experiencing pain in his hip that would not go away, he knew he needed to seek medical help. Despite having an active lifestyle, the pain increased to a point where he didn’t even enjoy walking anymore. After trying...

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Ameglio Orthopedics Featured in Living Local

Superior Care with a Faster RecoveryRead about Ameglio Orthopedics’ revolutionary approaches to hip pain from arthritis and pain in the lower back, buttock, leg and groin pain; SuperPATH total hip replacement and iFuse SI Joint Surgery. Surgery is a last resort, but...

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Five Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

Experiencing Lower Back Pain? You’re not alone. From small annoyances to major inconveniences, most people will experience back pain on some level throughout their lifetime. In fact, lower back pain is second most common reasons Americans visit the doctor. The back is...

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