About Dr. Ameglio

“I love being a doctor and taking care of others. I believe it is what God created me to do.”

Certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery, Dr. Peter Ameglio was born in Washington, DC, but grew up in Panama. After returning to the states, he completed his undergrad at the University of New Hampshire and studied pre-med in Maryland, where he worked at John Hopkins. He then graduated from medical school at Albert Einstein in New York.

Dr. Ameglio has been an orthopedic surgeon for over 18 years and is experienced in all aspects of orthopedics – taking care of the whole person. The doctor loves rolling up his sleeves, connecting with his patients, and helping them through their life’s journey.

The doctor always looks first to non-surgical treatment options. Even though surgery is viewed as the last option, in some cases it’s the best course of action that will solve a problem or fix an injury. Therefore, he aims to provide the leading surgical procedures to his patients.

SuperPATH® Total Hip Replacement is a revolutionary approach that was developed at New England Baptist Hospital in 2003 by Dr. Stephen Murphy. Its key lies in never dislocating the hip joint during surgery. Studies have proven that with this approach there is less injury to the patient during surgery, patients experience a faster recovery and have no restrictions on movement post-op.

Dr. Ameglio was invited to observe Dr. Murphy during one of his studies where he witnessed firsthand that although this technique is not easier to perform for the surgeon, the benefits to the patients are significant.

There are just a handful of surgeons trained in the SuperPATH approach in the State of Florida. Dr. Ameglio was the first to introduce this technique to SW Florida and is the most experienced SuperPATH hip surgeon in our area.

Dr. Ameglio is also the only orthopedic surgeon in SW Florida trained in iFuse SI Joint Surgery. With this experience, he is able to recognize the overlap of symptoms between hip & SI joint pain. This is essential to potentially avoiding unnecessary hip replacement surgery.

The doctor has competed in triathlons, marathons, and some ultra marathons. Because of his personal experience, he can sympathize with how important it is for patients to return to their daily physical activities or sport following an injury. He strives to help his patients lead pain-free, active and fulfilling lives.

Recently married, Dr. Ameglio and his wife Audrey enjoy the outdoors and he loves being the family chef!

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